Weather Instruments - Rain Gauges

Rain Gauges from Weather-Instruments allow users to follow how much rain or precipitation has fallen over a period of time. These instruments are easy to use and provide information to the family, or industry businesses.

Using rain gauges also offer a fun activity of learning for the children. Kids love to see how the rain gauge has measured up after the water fall. Gauges can measure accurately and tell the family if the flowers and vegetables have received enough rain falls as well.

To use a rain gauge of choice, choose a location which is free of trees and buildings. This will allow the most accurate measurement possible. It should be placed straight up and down so that it will not tip over.

Ensuring the gauge will not fall over and is placed properly, and then you can take a measurement as often as desired. Empty the rain gauge after taking the measurement, so it will be ready for use during the next round of rain showers. Most instruments will measure accurately to at least the tenths of an inch.

Using a rain log is also an option for families or businesses who prefer to log rain falls over a period of time. You can enter information into the log including the date and amount of measurement. This will allow you to total weekly or monthly rain fall measurements.

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