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The Weather Mall provides a variety of wind gauges for use in the home and office. Wind gauges offer information of wind speed and direction - with accuracy and precision.

Our site offers a variety of types of wind gauges. Product lines include La Crosse, Oregon, Caldwell, Brunton, and more. Each offers a unique product which will help in a variety of ways.

The wind gauges can be used by athletes to determine wind speeds for training as well as competitions.  Track organizers use the instrument reading to determine benefits as well as setbacks to runners.

Individuals, who like flying, or shooting sports, will also benefit from use of reliable wind gauge systems. Fishing enthusiasts will also gain advantage when determining wind changes for safe boating practices.

Environmental monitoring is also enhanced with the use of Weatherhawk Wind Meter Wind Tunnel. This product meets the requirements of the NCAA Track and Field. It can also be used by professionals who are involved in chemical spraying and more.

Regardless of your need, using a high quality wind gauge product will allow you the ability to gain accurate readings at any time. Weather-Instruments also offer pocket wind meters to make this option available to travel with you anywhere you may go. 

Our wind gauge options are available in one location to assist you in all your wind monitoring needs. Take a few moments to look around and see what we have to offer to meet your weather related needs.

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